COTERIE-(n) a small group of people with shared interests or tastes

Our South Jersey Moms Coterie (SJMoms) launched in 2016 as the first chapter of Growing Up Gorgeous. Christina Acosta and a team of dedicated women wanted to send the message to moms that they were not alone. Since launching, they have served women in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties.

Women join our group because they want to have more meaningful connections. They take the time to invest in real relationships both online and in-person. They are committed to coming to events and as a result have the opportunity to go beyond the “masks” of motherhood. They are their authentic selves.

Our membership program is designed for women who want to enjoy monthly mommy meet-ups. Our members come to relate to other moms, feel refreshed with holistic support and learn about resources that can help them to grow.

You are invited to join us at our next event. Your first event is free. We know you will be blessed from our time.

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