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De Bolton from writes: 

Prayer has helped me intentionally honor my temple. In September of 2015 and January 2016; I prayed for 30 days to help me with motivation and self-control to make lifestyle changes to help me honor my temple. Here I am one year later still on the same journey, but I found that month of prayer strengthened my bond with the Lord. September was my best results and mentally brought me further than anything I could have done on my own. I now want to be in the best shape of my life and show others how to Honor Their Temples with God.

How it helped me before

Every few months God leads me to Pray for my temple daily. To get me on track and focused this is my third round and each time it changes my prayer life, my body, my mind and strengthens me. As I begin this year, I want to pray again intentionally for this journey and continue to grow stronger in the Lord. Would you like to join me this time around?

This challenge will be daily beginning January 14th and lasting 30 days. I will have prayer prompts, and then you can take it where God leads you. I just want to help people create a faith-based fitness relationship and show how to glorify God. Feel free to comment on my post or pray in private and if you know someone this would be a blessing too? Please share.

How do you pray with me?

Join my Prayer Challenge Group  below and we are going to Pray for our temple Mind, Body and Soul for the Next 30 days.
Will you join me?

Let’s pray for the next 30 days our way to a better stronger and more faithful temple all to glorify the Lord. This challenge will only take moments of your time, daily. There are four ways you can join me.

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Let’s invite God to help us achieve our goals and see how much further He will take us.


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