The Fashion Design Center

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The Fashion Design Center

You and your child can learn every aspect of the fashion industry, including sewing, fashion styling, patternmaking, photography and entrepreneurship here or simply host a fashion design birthday party or Girls Night Out! Owned by FIT graduate, professional handbag designer, Terina Hill (, it's a wondrous place that brings fashion dreams to fruition!

Porsche M. Holland - Doula Services

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Porsche the Doula

Compassionate and expert care for expecting mothers and their partners. Supporting families in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Porsche the Doulas’ passion for maternal justice, birth support, and normalizing breastfeeding comes from years of being a childcare provider and learning from the mothers of children she cared for. From nanny care (that began as a teenager) to offering postpartum doula support (before she knew what a Doula was!) Porsche learned a ton about the physical and emotional journey of women during pregnancy and after. During her college days Porsche took a class on Maternal Nutrition and became fascinated with pregnancy. This new found love sent her on a mission to understand the basics of maternal health and ways she could share knowledge with others. In her early 20s a desire to pursue a MPH and travel across the country to support friends while pregnant and shortly after birth grew but was put on hold when other opportunities opened soon after graduation.

After a disappointing and traumatic birth experience in October of 2017 Porsche sought to better understand medical interventions, the mishandling of women of color, and ways to better educate her community. That spark from over 10 years ago was reignited and her formal training journey began. She was accepted to participate in Maternity Care Coalition’s Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training program (graduated June 2018). Soon after she pursued Doula Training with PALS at the University of Pennsylvania (graduated Sept. 2018).

Porsche the Doulas’ mission is to see all women of color educated and armed with confidence to advocate for and demand their desired birth experience. Through her live and virtual services she supports mothers and their families with compassion, love, and evidence-based strategies.



Zumbini With Chelsea C.


Zumbini With Chelsea C.

Bonding, Learning, Dancing, and Fun for You and your Little One! (Ages 0-4)

I'm so glad you are considering making lasting, musical memories with your child(ren) in one of my Zumbini Classes! I am a wife and mother of a beautiful baby girl, and I love to sing and dance! My daughter and I were introduced to Zumbini by watching Zumbini Time on Baby First TV. We've been in love with this program ever since. I'm excited to bring the joy of Zumbini to South Jersey families, and I hope you will join our family fun! Warmest Regards, Chelsea Corsey

Y.E.C. Creations - Photos


Y.E.C. Creations - Photos

Y.E.C. Creations is an artistic company, specializing in Photography. Y.E.C. Creations operates out of Trenton, NJ and was founded in 2010 by husband and wife, Ahmed and Yvonne Clark.

Y.E.C. Creations is an artistic company, specializing in Photography. Y.E.C. Creations operates out of Trenton, NJ and was founded in 2010 by husband and wife, Ahmed and Yvonne Clark.  

Y.E.C. Creations seeks to produce high-quality art that will leave a lasting mark in the world, beginning with the heart of each client. Our goal is to create art, through the capturing of precious moments, that will leave a legacy and tell a story throughout time.

Epiphany Fellowship of Camden

Our Story


Epiphany Fellowship

We exist to help people in the Camden area find Jesus, follow Him fully, and live fulfilled lives by making a difference!

The Story of Epiphany Fellowship of Camden, NJ
Epiphany Fellowship is an inner-city multi-ethnic, church dedicated to seeing Jesus Christ’s gospel hit up every area of our lives (Col 1:15-16). Our desire is that a passion for the gospel would drive everything we think and do. From manhood and womanhood to sharing the changing power of the gospel with others (Col 4:2-6).

Epiphany Fellowship is a gathering of growing people who have accepted the call to join God on His mission in Camden and the world. Many of us are people who didn’t grow up in the church; some did grow up in the church. Many of our people are from broken homes, broken churches, made horrible decisions, steeped in bitterness, hurt, pain, impatient, yet have been and are being transformed by the gospel daily (1Cor 6:9-11; 2Cor 4:16). Our passion is to see the truth of Jesus challenge our lives and the lives of others.

We came into existence because a new mission field of unreached people came of age in the city of Camden, but was left unengaged by the church (Matt 9:37). Without anger or dissension we were compelled by the Lord and commissioned and confirmed by several church communities to start a new church in the city of Camden (Acts 14:21-23).

In February of 2009 our Lead pastor Doug Logan began a Church Plant Residency Program in a partnership with 10th Presbyterian Church of Center City Philly and Epiphany Fellowship in the inner-city of North Philadelphia.  Pastor Doug and his family received the call to Camden in Spring 2009.  Epiphany Fellowship-Camden NJ was birthed and the Elders of Epiphany Fellowship-North Philly, Pastoral Staff of 10th Presbyterian Church, and the NJ Presbytery affirmed Pastor Doug and the team.  We began our Core Team meeting April 2011!

Our Purpose

Our Mission is to Comprehensively Make Disciples in a Culturally Relevant Way to Impact the World to Jesus Christ’s Glory

We want to develop disciples that are able to minister in the inner-city culture and help new disciples to grow in God’s word in every area of their lives and shining the truth of the person of Jesus Christ to the glory of the Triune God.

The target group will be those from ages 18-44 who are unsaved or without a community of disciples of which to bond in a Theo-centric community.

We would like to see the Name of Jesus Christ magnified by the credibility of the Church being reestablished in the world through robust & relevant worship, rich & relevant Word, and real & relevant witnesses (Eph. 2:20-21). We want to have inward depth and be outwardly missional.

Reclaim Your Crown Hair & Body


Reclaim Your Crown Hair & Body

Products are handmade using fresh ingredients, some favorites included raw shea butter, organic coconut milk, safflower oil, ginger and honey.

Reclaim Your Crown products are lightweight and give you the perfect balance of moisture your hair and body needs. That means that our products won’t give you flakes, hair boogies or none of that yuck. Products are handmade using fresh ingredients, some favorites included raw shea butter, organic coconut milk, safflower oil, ginger and honey.

Founder Ariane Williams has been wearing natural hair for 10 years, researching and blogging about it for 7 years.
There were many great products that offered moisture but not many that offered the perfect balance. After experiencing product fails from either having hair that was too weighed down or flaked out, she started creating her own products using simple recipes and found that simple, is best.

Our Products DO NOT contain:
Mineral Oil

We use natural products and only use preservatives when absolutely necessary to prevent bacterial growth.
Water based products are highly prone to bacterial growth, as such preservatives are used to avoid this.

This isn’t the case with oils or butters which is why it isn’t used because it is not needed. Store our oils and butters in a cool dry place to keep them fresh.

Potential Allergens
Our products may contain tree nuts (shea/coconut) and do have ingredients that may have been produced in a factory with wheat, egg or milk products, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Melissa T - Online Music Lessons


Melissa T. - Music Lessons

Melissa T. Music Lessons exists to increase confidence, boost self esteem and discover potential

Melissa T. Music Lessons is a company committed to building confidence. One of my primary goals as a teacher is to create a unique learning path for each and every one of my students. Everyone learns differently and has their own unique goals. I aim to help each student to achieve their goals and discover a new world through music. Students will learn the foundations of piano or voice through various genres of music including classical, gospel, pop, jazz and blues. Students will learn to read music, perform in front of an audience and compose their own musical pieces. Student will learn to listen to music in a new way and will be encouraged to experiment with their own musical ideas. Lessons are personal, engaging and most importantly, they are fun!

Signing Time Academy - Expressive Hands


Expressive Hands

Expressive Hands introduces basic ASL signs, as a communication tool, to children ages 0-5 & their parents while promoting bonding & fun through music, arts & play.

My name is Starlita (or Ms. Star to the kiddos), the founder of Expressive Hands. I am a Baby Signing Time Instructor, certified through the award-winning Signing Time program. I am also a member of both the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children (PennAEYC - an affiliate of the NAEYC), as well as certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED through the American Red Cross. I am, however, most recognized as a wife and a homeschooling mommy of 3 beautiful children.

In 2013, after I gave birth to my first child, I learned about the benefits of teaching babies sign language from my birth center’s Lactation Consultant. She recommended the Baby Signing Time program, produced by ©Two Little Hands Productions, because it teaches children their first 100 words using American Sign Language (ASL) and music. At around 3 months of age, my husband and I began teaching our son the sign for “milk.” By 5 months of age, our son was able to sign “milk” back! We all enjoyed singing, dancing, and learning along with the DVDs. Because we found Baby Signing Time to be so effective with our son, we decided to also teach basic ASL signs to our other two children, our two girls. The signs they learned have really helped with lessening tantrums and increasing their ability to communicate their feelings and wants. As they grow older, the Signing Time program has now become a language-enrichment tool, providing a stepping stone in teaching our children ASL as a second language.

It is because of our experience and great love for the Signing Time program that I desire to share it with as many families as I can! And so, I created Expressive Hands, where we desire to introduce basic baby signs to families, using ASL and the Signing Time program, in order to: demonstrate that signing is beneficial and fun for every child; empower families to communicate clearly with one another and experience the profound bonding that results; and create opportunities for children of all abilities to come together and play while actively learning. Come and join us!

NKH Salon & Nail Spa


NKH Salon & Nail Spa

Multicultural upscale salon conveniently located along the RiverLine.

NKH Salon & Nail Spa, conveniently located along the Riverline in Riverside, Nj. Your hair health and experience is our #1 priority! Our atmosphere is relaxing, bright, airy and we love to laugh to make you feel at home. With over 16 years of experience we offer services in hair cuts, blowouts and silk pressing, hair care treatments, relaxers, color, styling natural hair and all textures. Our most important goal is client education to ensure your going home knowing how to maintain in between visits, and that you’re knowledgeable about your hair and products. We want you to leave here not just feeling fabulous but looking fabulous too! We’re changing lives one style at a time!

De Bolton- FaithFueled Mom


De Bolton- FaithFueled Mom

De Bolton is a certified personal trainer who inspires women spiritually, challenges them physically, and connect them with God to honor their temple.

De Bolton is a certified personal trainer who inspires women spiritually, challenges them physically, and connect them with God to honor their temple.

She writes:
I talk about weight loss, healthy eating and fitness alot because I love and it’s my passion! I started my third and final weightloss journey August 2015. I weighed in at 203 lbs. due to a sedentary lifestyle and I just ate too much; huge portions of sometimes good but mostly bad foods. Been on a spiritual and physical journey and now training for my very first Bodybuilding Figure Competition.

So if you want some fellowship with Women, Moms and Moms to Be! Building friendships and relationships with women who have families and trying to support each other in this journey of faith and fitness. Than you have stumbled upon the right place. I am building a community of fun, FaithFueled™ Jesus girls who happen to be raising a tribe of their own and want to honor their temple and be the best that God has given them.

Concord Wellness Institute


Concord Wellness Institute

Pennsauken Chiropractic and Functional Medicine specialist for natural, quality care for Type II Diabetes, Auto Immune Diseases, and more.

Dr. Gary Knight founded Concord Wellness Institute to assist those dedicated to improving and taking responsibility for their health. Concord Wellness, as an integrated health care facility, is equipped to guide you with the tools YOU need for YOURhealth. Health is not a commodity to be purchased, where the best care is only available to the rich and wealthy. Health is life – our birthright.  YOU deserve care that considers the WHOLEperson. After carefully evaluating all factors of your concerns, we strive to provide the best treatment in order to empower you for the rest of your life.

By Design Birth & Photography


By Design Birth & Photography

Providing HypnoBirthing, birth and postpartum doula and photography services in South Jersey and the Great Philadelphia region.

Hey there! I’m Ebony and I’m a firm believer that your journey into motherhood, from conception to birth and beyond, is truly one of the most transformative and remarkable experiences you’ll ever partake in!  This has been my experience with each of my babies I've birthed and I believe that your birth can truly be an amazing and rewarding experience for you too! Believe it or not, you're already "pre-wired" with all the necessary things it takes to have an amazing birth...but because of the culture we live in, you might need some help with "awakening" those innate abilities that lie dormant within you! 

That's where I come in!  I help expectant parents create confident and joyous prenatal and birth experiences, while capturing the beauty and strength of those moments.

I’d love to serve you in this way with my services, including: Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes, Birth Doula support, and Maternity, Birth and Family Photography sessions.

I’d be so honored to have the special privilege to walk with you through this precious time in your life and I look forward to meeting with you soon! 

DivaGirl Philly


DivaGirl Philly

DivaGirl supports, educates, empowers
and builds confidence in its members.

The DivaGirl Tribe is a group of women spanning Toronto, Philadelphia, and Montreal, who know with certainty that there is more to be experienced in this lifetime than what is seen on the surface. DivaGirl helps women succeed in business and life by empowering and building confidence in women.  We provide a fun, safe, positive environment and platform, for women to connect and support others.  Through our workshops, conferences, parties and volunteer trips abroad, women from all over the world have met new friends, new business partners, clients, mentors and customers.

We are composed of women from different backgrounds, experiences, ages, fields of work, and statuses with one goal – to support other women.  We are not here to compete with one another but to help each other so we can rise together.

We host interactive meet-up gatherings, brunches, dinners, holiday events, conferences and fashion shows. On the last Monday of each month, we get together to meet new women, create new opportunities for connections and collaborations, all while having fun in a great atmosphere.


There is a great feeling in the room when women inspire one another and can easily relate to each other, sharing personal experiences and laughs. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment of intelligent women.”
— Colleen, DivaGirl Philly