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Porsche the Doula

Compassionate and expert care for expecting mothers and their partners. Supporting families in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Porsche the Doulas’ passion for maternal justice, birth support, and normalizing breastfeeding comes from years of being a childcare provider and learning from the mothers of children she cared for. From nanny care (that began as a teenager) to offering postpartum doula support (before she knew what a Doula was!) Porsche learned a ton about the physical and emotional journey of women during pregnancy and after. During her college days Porsche took a class on Maternal Nutrition and became fascinated with pregnancy. This new found love sent her on a mission to understand the basics of maternal health and ways she could share knowledge with others. In her early 20s a desire to pursue a MPH and travel across the country to support friends while pregnant and shortly after birth grew but was put on hold when other opportunities opened soon after graduation.

After a disappointing and traumatic birth experience in October of 2017 Porsche sought to better understand medical interventions, the mishandling of women of color, and ways to better educate her community. That spark from over 10 years ago was reignited and her formal training journey began. She was accepted to participate in Maternity Care Coalition’s Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training program (graduated June 2018). Soon after she pursued Doula Training with PALS at the University of Pennsylvania (graduated Sept. 2018).

Porsche the Doulas’ mission is to see all women of color educated and armed with confidence to advocate for and demand their desired birth experience. Through her live and virtual services she supports mothers and their families with compassion, love, and evidence-based strategies.