Zumbini With Chelsea C.


Zumbini With Chelsea C.

Bonding, Learning, Dancing, and Fun for You and your Little One! (Ages 0-4)

I'm so glad you are considering making lasting, musical memories with your child(ren) in one of my Zumbini Classes! I am a wife and mother of a beautiful baby girl, and I love to sing and dance! My daughter and I were introduced to Zumbini by watching Zumbini Time on Baby First TV. We've been in love with this program ever since. I'm excited to bring the joy of Zumbini to South Jersey families, and I hope you will join our family fun! Warmest Regards, Chelsea Corsey

Melissa T - Online Music Lessons


Melissa T. - Music Lessons

Melissa T. Music Lessons exists to increase confidence, boost self esteem and discover potential

Melissa T. Music Lessons is a company committed to building confidence. One of my primary goals as a teacher is to create a unique learning path for each and every one of my students. Everyone learns differently and has their own unique goals. I aim to help each student to achieve their goals and discover a new world through music. Students will learn the foundations of piano or voice through various genres of music including classical, gospel, pop, jazz and blues. Students will learn to read music, perform in front of an audience and compose their own musical pieces. Student will learn to listen to music in a new way and will be encouraged to experiment with their own musical ideas. Lessons are personal, engaging and most importantly, they are fun!

Signing Time Academy - Expressive Hands


Expressive Hands

Expressive Hands introduces basic ASL signs, as a communication tool, to children ages 0-5 & their parents while promoting bonding & fun through music, arts & play.

My name is Starlita (or Ms. Star to the kiddos), the founder of Expressive Hands. I am a Baby Signing Time Instructor, certified through the award-winning Signing Time program. I am also a member of both the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children (PennAEYC - an affiliate of the NAEYC), as well as certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED through the American Red Cross. I am, however, most recognized as a wife and a homeschooling mommy of 3 beautiful children.

In 2013, after I gave birth to my first child, I learned about the benefits of teaching babies sign language from my birth center’s Lactation Consultant. She recommended the Baby Signing Time program, produced by ©Two Little Hands Productions, because it teaches children their first 100 words using American Sign Language (ASL) and music. At around 3 months of age, my husband and I began teaching our son the sign for “milk.” By 5 months of age, our son was able to sign “milk” back! We all enjoyed singing, dancing, and learning along with the DVDs. Because we found Baby Signing Time to be so effective with our son, we decided to also teach basic ASL signs to our other two children, our two girls. The signs they learned have really helped with lessening tantrums and increasing their ability to communicate their feelings and wants. As they grow older, the Signing Time program has now become a language-enrichment tool, providing a stepping stone in teaching our children ASL as a second language.

It is because of our experience and great love for the Signing Time program that I desire to share it with as many families as I can! And so, I created Expressive Hands, where we desire to introduce basic baby signs to families, using ASL and the Signing Time program, in order to: demonstrate that signing is beneficial and fun for every child; empower families to communicate clearly with one another and experience the profound bonding that results; and create opportunities for children of all abilities to come together and play while actively learning. Come and join us!