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Our Story


Epiphany Fellowship

We exist to help people in the Camden area find Jesus, follow Him fully, and live fulfilled lives by making a difference!

The Story of Epiphany Fellowship of Camden, NJ
Epiphany Fellowship is an inner-city multi-ethnic, church dedicated to seeing Jesus Christ’s gospel hit up every area of our lives (Col 1:15-16). Our desire is that a passion for the gospel would drive everything we think and do. From manhood and womanhood to sharing the changing power of the gospel with others (Col 4:2-6).

Epiphany Fellowship is a gathering of growing people who have accepted the call to join God on His mission in Camden and the world. Many of us are people who didn’t grow up in the church; some did grow up in the church. Many of our people are from broken homes, broken churches, made horrible decisions, steeped in bitterness, hurt, pain, impatient, yet have been and are being transformed by the gospel daily (1Cor 6:9-11; 2Cor 4:16). Our passion is to see the truth of Jesus challenge our lives and the lives of others.

We came into existence because a new mission field of unreached people came of age in the city of Camden, but was left unengaged by the church (Matt 9:37). Without anger or dissension we were compelled by the Lord and commissioned and confirmed by several church communities to start a new church in the city of Camden (Acts 14:21-23).

In February of 2009 our Lead pastor Doug Logan began a Church Plant Residency Program in a partnership with 10th Presbyterian Church of Center City Philly and Epiphany Fellowship in the inner-city of North Philadelphia.  Pastor Doug and his family received the call to Camden in Spring 2009.  Epiphany Fellowship-Camden NJ was birthed and the Elders of Epiphany Fellowship-North Philly, Pastoral Staff of 10th Presbyterian Church, and the NJ Presbytery affirmed Pastor Doug and the team.  We began our Core Team meeting April 2011!

Our Purpose

Our Mission is to Comprehensively Make Disciples in a Culturally Relevant Way to Impact the World to Jesus Christ’s Glory

We want to develop disciples that are able to minister in the inner-city culture and help new disciples to grow in God’s word in every area of their lives and shining the truth of the person of Jesus Christ to the glory of the Triune God.

The target group will be those from ages 18-44 who are unsaved or without a community of disciples of which to bond in a Theo-centric community.

We would like to see the Name of Jesus Christ magnified by the credibility of the Church being reestablished in the world through robust & relevant worship, rich & relevant Word, and real & relevant witnesses (Eph. 2:20-21). We want to have inward depth and be outwardly missional.

DivaGirl Philly


DivaGirl Philly

DivaGirl supports, educates, empowers
and builds confidence in its members.

The DivaGirl Tribe is a group of women spanning Toronto, Philadelphia, and Montreal, who know with certainty that there is more to be experienced in this lifetime than what is seen on the surface. DivaGirl helps women succeed in business and life by empowering and building confidence in women.  We provide a fun, safe, positive environment and platform, for women to connect and support others.  Through our workshops, conferences, parties and volunteer trips abroad, women from all over the world have met new friends, new business partners, clients, mentors and customers.

We are composed of women from different backgrounds, experiences, ages, fields of work, and statuses with one goal – to support other women.  We are not here to compete with one another but to help each other so we can rise together.

We host interactive meet-up gatherings, brunches, dinners, holiday events, conferences and fashion shows. On the last Monday of each month, we get together to meet new women, create new opportunities for connections and collaborations, all while having fun in a great atmosphere.


There is a great feeling in the room when women inspire one another and can easily relate to each other, sharing personal experiences and laughs. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment of intelligent women.”
— Colleen, DivaGirl Philly