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I remember the day's  summer sky so vividly. It was mid-July, a sticky and exciting morning at my favorite water park. It was a day that should've been blurred in my summer childhood memories of pools, friends, and fun.  Instead, I will always recall the feeling of being helpless, of almost drowning in a few feet of water. A lifeguard became my hero that day, but I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of knowing how to swim.

This experience motivated me to look for swim lessons for my girls. We found the new Goldfish Swim School in Mt. Laurel. Goldfish offers the very best and most comfortable option for children to learn to swim. I am so grateful that they get this experience and want to share with you the top reasons why we love Goldfish Swim. 

The authors husband Miguel & one-year-old daughter Naomi. 

The authors husband Miguel & one-year-old daughter Naomi. 

The authors daughter Summer *& awesome swim instructor. 

The authors daughter Summer *& awesome swim instructor. 

    1. The Environment- As soon as you walk into Goldfish, you know that this is not your typical community pool. The facility is clean, colorful and welcoming. The pool room temperature is set at 90 degrees, making the experience relaxing (especially for the adorable infants taking lessons).  Floor to ceiling windows overlook the pool with an air-conditioned viewing gallery for parents to enjoy watching the 30-minute sessions. 
    2. The Staff- From the front door to the lifeguards and the teachers, everyone is helpful & welcoming. As an educator myself, it's no surprise that I would focus on the swim teachers. The instructors work closely with each child to ensure that they are comfortable, yet challenged to pick up a new skill every week. Since her class has no more than four students, my three-year-old was able to build a strong rapport with her teacher. She even asks to see "Mr. V" throughout the week! 
    3. The Family-Friendly Experience - I appreciate that Goldfish has already thought about the "little things" and has your back to make it a fun family time. There are large, individual, and family-sized dressing rooms for changing, a clean shower area, and blow-dryers that my three-year-old absolutely loves playing with. They even thought to include small spin dryers for your wet clothing, to avoid going home a soppy mess. They stock the viewing gallery with toys for siblings who may not be taking lessons and there is a shop with small items & a snack bar. (This is key for when you forget an essential item, like a swim diaper!)  Stress-free and educational is a win for us. 
    4. The Uniqueness- You will not find a better swim school in Burlington County! Goldfish uses high-quality instructors and a  "multi-sensory" approach. Younger children enjoy songs,  toys and manipulatives, bright colors, and caregiver skin contact to help them to learn. Older children sing chants to memorize skills and are given ribbons to celebrate their achievements. Instructors give an update at the end of every class to ensure that parents know how much their child is learning. 
    5. The Progress- The best part of the Goldfish experience is that my daughters are actually learning to swim! I have talked to so many mamas who send their children to swim lessons that are fun, but a waste of time. In just a few weeks, Naomi, our one-year-old, has learned to close her eyes under water, is unafraid of being submerged, and can climb the wall unassisted! It is amazing to see her go from fearful to comfortable in a matter of weeks.  

This summer will be full of so many adventures in South Jersey, but we will be sticking close to our Goldfish family. The safe and welcoming environment has become a staple in our routine and I look forward to updating you all as my little fish continue to learn. To come see Goldfish Swim School for yourself, join us for a Splash Party on June 24th! We know your family will love it. 

In full disclosure, we have partnered with Goldfish Swim School to provide an honest and thorough review. As always, all thoughts included are my own. To learn about partnering with us or becoming a Growing Up Gorgeous Mom, please email hello@growingupgorgeous.com

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Christina Acosta-Martinez is a wife and momma first. She is married to Miguel, and they serve on the founding team of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Camden, NJ. 

She founded Growing Up Gorgeous, LLC to provide a diverse community of mom's with a one-of-a-kind support system. Currently meeting in South Jersey, this group of women spend time laughing, crying, learning, and sharing their dreams. 

These unique experiences are known for providing authentic relationships, beneficial resources, and self-care experiences.  Most importantly, the women are "growing up" together to look more like Jesus Christ.

Christina and Miguel have been married for five years. She cherishes her time at home with her baby girls - Summer Rose and Naomi Lynn. 


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